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His name starts with „gou“ – which relates to „gout“ the French word for taste – and it has not been by sheer coincidence that the famous gastronomy and wine guide Gault & Millau came to the land of truffles to seek and find Serge Ghoukassian and to honour him with the title of Best Sommelier of the year 2008!Overwhelmed by the charms of the region, he develops an admiration for the vineyards and winemakers. He organises day-tours to the vineyards and is the guide himself ... a very contagious passion …



„chez Serge“ is the name of his restaurant in Carpentras, which, over the years, has turned into a real institution. The place, a transformed village house, is fulfilled with originality, hospitality and finesse.



Here, since 1987, he unites good wines and most delicious meals, freshly prepared from regional products.



After 20 years, the institution „chez Serge“, was then finally honoured with the „particular awards“:
Grand prix de la presse et du vin 2007 – First price in the category for a new concept of the wine list at the restaurant “chez Serge”.
Officially nominated for Best Sommelier of the year 2008, by Gault & Millau.
Nominated for associate at test sessions of the Côtes du Ventoux at the Université des Vins de Suze la Rousse in 2008/2009.



First of all Serge is a passionate – always very intent sharing the nice things with you; the most beautiful places in a wonderful surrounding and of course his most favourite products, the „melanosporum“ and the rather underestimated summer truffle „aestivum“, firm and crisp with a light taste of hazelnut …



But Serge is also like – the good things, yes … but not elitist and exorbitant, just the right interplay of quality and price, bon vivant, conviviality, entertainment, gossip and anecdotes …  



Every visit at „chez Serge“ turns into a unique experience, especially when following his invitation to come to know his favourite „etiquettes“ – and he has about 300 different in his cellar! From the best to the less known vintages and at the „salle du bar“, everything ranges from a quick meal for lunch to a festive theme dinner.



The décor changes regularly according to themes and festivities – at one occasion there are pecking hens in the court, at another the place is entirely lit with candlelight. A journey to the land of delicious tastes and smells … “white wine and poultry“, „meals cooked on log fire and wines from the southern Rhone valley“.



On Thursdays, during the winter season, the evenings invite to a veritable trip to the realm of tastes, „truffles and wine“. The place “chez Serge” offers all this in an honest and relaxed atmosphere – the products, the origin, the land and the soil – from the truffle to the wine.



He honours the region and provides to everyone who is looking for good products a special gastronomic note …



„ … a franc meal and real wines from winegrowers“, „Do not forget to take your pocket book; your knowledge about southern Rhone wines might get totally turned upside down.“
(excerpt from the article in the Guide Gault)
Chez Serge
 : 90 rue Cottier
84200 Carpentras
04 90 63 21 24